How Well Do You Know Skyclan?

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Skyclan is an ancient clan that has been chased out of the Forest many seasons ago. Led by Cloudstar, they followed a river which led to a gorge, soon to be they're home.

But soon, rats began killing these warriors. Upset and scared for their lives, the cats fled. Some took homes in twoleg dens, turning into kittypets. Some became loners, wandering from place to place. The clan had been destroyed... Until seadons later when Firestar arrived.

Created by: blue_skies13
  1. Who was Skyclan's leader when they left the Forest?
  2. Who was the first leader of the second version of Skyclan?
  3. Who saved Skyclan?
  4. Why did Skyclan scatter?
  5. Why did Skyclan leave the Forest in the first place?
  6. Where does the second version of Skyclan live?
  7. Who was the last leader of Skyclan before they scattered?
  8. Who was the last descendant of Skyclan?
  9. Where did the rats live?
  10. Last one: Rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Skyclan?