Warriors: Do you belong in DragonClan?

I am Shadowstar, the leader of DragonClan. I have seen you in my territory and want to know if you would fit into my Clan. Goo luck with passing my test!

May StarClan guide you on your destined path! If you are chased off back to your Twoleg home, chased back to your rogue Clan, chased to your Clan, or welcomed into DragonClan, your destiny is yours to choose.

Created by: Shadowstar

  1. Who is the leader of DragonClan right now?
  2. Which warrior killed the former leader and tried to take his place?
  3. Who are my brother and sister?
  4. Who are my sister Ravenwing's children?
  5. Who is my brother and deputy of DragonClan?
  6. The prophecy set upon DragonClan was: Boundaries will be crossed, Loyalties will be tested, Blood will be shed, And mother will maim kit.
  7. I fulfilled that prophecy when The rogue Clan kidnapped Squirrelberry, my medicine cat, and I had to cross boundaries and kill cats to save her. Wolffoot's loyalty was tested when he was told by a rogue Clanner while I was gone that he could join them and have absolute power. He joined them and broke his loyalty, trying to take over DragonClan, but I clawed one of his eyes out and bit off his tail, maiming him. Thus, I fulfilled the prophecy.
  8. StarClan called Jagpelt at the end of the battle between DrownClan, FireClan, and DragonClan and RockClan, The rogue Clan, and FurClan.
  9. What is my coat color?
  10. What does my mate, Earthspring, look like?
  11. Wolffoot has the coat coloring of a grey wolf, but on a cat. (Look up grey wolf, then picture that coat on a cat)
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Warriors: do I belong in DragonClan?