Warrior Cats ~ A Love Story For She-Cats ~ #1

This is a simple quiz that shows the beginning of your adventure when you accidentally step into a Clan territory. Will you find a crush? Will you be hostile?

Whatever you choose, it all comes down to how well you made your decisions! Will you fall for a tom already or will you stick to your traveling as a rogue? I simply don't know!

Created by: Swanstar
  1. Before beginning this quiz, and to note for the rest of this first quiz, this is just to test if you make it into the Clan or not. Do not skip this quiz for the introduction of yourself and other cats. Also, for the rest of the quizzes, there will be multiple for the different outcomes! (The next quizzes will be shown at the end paragraph once made!) Now, pick your name.
  2. You blink, staring at the forest edge. You have just came from a Two-legged area, filled with their nests. Yawning, you pad into the forest for shelter of the sun. You have been walking for days with what seems as no end. Your senses become alert, a squirrel eating a nut! Instantly, you..
  3. Instantly, you step on a twig. The squirrel runs up the nearest tree. Blinking, you also scent something.. different. Suddenly, a small group of cats appear. You..
  4. No matter what, you are stung with fear. What good will it do with anything? "Who's there!?" A smaller cat from the group calls out, her black pelt bristling as her amber eyes grew with fear. The other three cats had come up next to her. You realize that your pelt began to bristle. Was this a good choice? You..
  5. My goodness! Your legs are still stiff with fear. Why can't I at least blink? A light-brown tom with white flecks on his back approaches you. "Why are you here?" His voice was calm and sweet, no fear shown in his deep blue eyes. You realize you have to respond, so you say..
  6. "Well then," The tom is calm, "let's have a proper introduction. My name if Fawnflecks. You..?" You blink at the tom, meeting his eyes.
  7. "Let's head back to our camp," he smiles warmly. He didn't seem bad at all. You notice the other cats giving somewhat hostile glances at you, with a mix of fear. Fawnflecks flicked his tail, and they bounded to camp. You follow, knowing their eyes are on you. Once you reach the camp, your first thought is..
  8. Fawnflecks runs over to a den. You gaze down at the camp as some of them gaze at you with question and fear. The black she-cat is sitting beside you, supposedly guarding. Eventually, Fawnflecks comes out with another tom. The strange tom was cream-colored, with a black stripe going from the tip of his muzzle to his tail-tip and was covered in dark brown spots. He walked with pride and showed no fear. He pads right up to you stating, "The name is Spotstar," He turns to the black she-cat, "Blackbird, you may leave." You look directly into Spotstar's yellow eyes. Your stomach feels as if twisting, you are scared and you can't seem to calm your bristling pelt. You..?
  9. You calm down after a bit. The cats don't seem shocked in any way or form on how you acted. They must think you are weary of them. Spotstar turns to Fawnflecks, "Bring... er..." You nod, telling Spotstar your name, then he continues, "Bring (Insert Chosen Name) to the apprentices' den. She needs rest and needs to settle before we explain anything." You feel relief wash over you, then follow Fawnflecks into the apprentices' den. "Rest well, (Insert Chosen Name)." Fawnflecks says as he leaves the den. You..?
  10. ~You Wake Up The Next Morning~You realize that your fear for the Clan has gone. They were nice to you, how can I still fear them? You look around at the apprentices' den. It was empty. You soon poke your nose out to see the waking cats begin to stir in the camp, saying morning greetings. You...?
  11. Before any of your actions, you spot Fawnflecks going up to you! He had a small smile. You sit outside the apprentices' den as he comes and sits beside you. "How did you sleep?" He asked. "Good," You state. After all, resting is almost always good. "Here, let me show you around camp. First, lets get you something to eat." He leads you towards the fresh-kill pile. You pick out a mouse, nodding in thanks. It felt like forever since you had last eaten. As you sit down beside Fawnflecks, another she-cat, gray with white paws, comes up. "Whitesteps!" Fawnflecks calls, greeting the she-cat. She sits down beside Fawnflecks. You begin to think as the two cats begin to talk.
  12. As the sun began to slowly crawl up the sky for your regular morning, Spotstar comes out and sits on this high rock looking thing. "May all those old enough to catch their own prey gather under Highledge for a Clan meeting!" He called over the camp. Cats began to walk forward, you and Fawnflecks stay in the same place, gazing up at the leader. "As you know," Spotstar began, "We have found a rogue named (Insert Chosen Name) on our territory yesterday. So far, we have no concluded if she is willing to stay or not. Vixenleap," A orange-reddish she-cat with a black muzzle, tail-tip, and paws approached, "May you take them on the dawn hunting patrol? Just to test skill, that is." Vixenleap gave a curt nod, then looked directly toward you with her green eyes. You blink in return. Then, Spotstar began to assign a few border patrols. "Clan dismissed!" He said, then began to climb down Highledge. Vixenleap then approaches you and Fawnflecks. "Fawnflecks, can you go with her and Hazelbite?" Fawnflecks nodded, then lead you out with another she-cat with deep light-brown pelt. You.. (Last Question To Determine!!)

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