Your DragonClan warrior

Which DragonClan warrior are you? Sweet, shy, and humble Deerdapple? Power-hungry, strong, and traitorous Scartail? His pretty, smart, and fierce sister Cloverfrost? Or are you Shadowstar's mate, handsome and strong Earthspring? Warning: there are two male and two female answers.

How do you rank in DragonClan? Traitor or leader's mate? Lovely or handsome? Shy or fierce? You will figure it out in this quiz. May StarClan be with you on your way to find the truth!

Created by: Shadowstar

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  1. This is all rp. You are sprinting through the trees, chasing a mouse. Your nose is suddenly flooded with a strange scent. What do you do?
  2. You turn to the scent's origin, seeing a grey she-cat stalking into the clearing and around you. "Ivyjaw?! I thought you were dead!" You exclaim in shock. "My name isn't... That... anymore. I never want to hear that name again. I am just Ivy now. I have sensed that RockClan will soon destroy DragonClan, so I have joined the rogue Clan." Your former friend, now Ivy, explains.
  3. She growls, then meows, "I must take my leave now," and turns to leave.
  4. You spot a patrol heading your way and meow, "Hurry!" Under your breath to Ivy, who turns and runs swiftly away. You walk to meet the patrol, and the pure black tom Dragonfang, DragonClan's deputy asks where you have been.
  5. Dragonfang fixes his green gaze solely on you for a moment, then turns slowly away, muttering. You look back to where Ivy disappeared, and see not her dark gray face, but a tortoiseshell one.
  6. The tortoiseshell steps out warily. You tackle them and pin the intruder down. She looks up at you, her eyes narrowed. "Who are you?" You growl. She answers quietly, "My name was Marigoldfur. Now it is Marigold. Just Marigold." She hisses through clenched teeth.
  7. You let her up reluctantly. As soon as she is up, she yowls, "I got one!" And you feel a cat land on your back, digging its claws into your shoulders and biting your neck. You collapse under its weight.
  8. The clawing stops abruptly and you see a white tom and Marigold running away from your pure black leader, Shadowstar, as she growls, her green eyes shining bright. She looks down at you.
  9. Okay, done with the rps. Now just a few facts about the five Clans.
  10. The five Clans are DragonClan(the equivalent of ShadowClan) DrownClan(the equivalent of RiverClan) FireClan(the equivalent of ThunderClan) StarClan(need I elaborate?) and RockClan(the equivalent of WindClan.
  11. DragonClan and RockClan are enemies. RockClan are the bad guys (or WindClan as I see it), and DragonClan are the good guys (or ShadowClan as I see it). There is a group of rogues in every Clan's territory, and they are actually brought to the forest by RockClan specifically to destroy DragonClan. They are composed of any cats that want to leave the warrior code. The cats only earn true safety from being killed by the rogues if they eliminate the suffix from their names.
  12. Wolfkit is Shadowstar and Earthspring's only son, a dark grey tom. I think that's it for the quiz! It's also time for me to get back to my Clan! It's almost moonhigh, and without me, who will lead DragonClan to the Gathering?

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