Warriors SkyClan Quiz

Do you truly know SkyClan, the fifth Warrior Clan? Prove that you are truly knowledgable about the mysterious fifth Clan, including the cats, habitat, and more!

This quiz will tell if you are truly knowledgable about SkyClan. Who was the newest leader? Where do they live? Who was the first cat to join the new SkyClan? Test your skill to find out if you know!

Created by: Minacat

  1. Who was the 1st NEW leader of SkyClan?
  2. Where does SkyClan live?
  3. What is SkyClan's source of water?
  4. Who is SkyClan's medicine cat?
  5. Who is SkyClan's deputy?
  6. Who/what wiped out the 1st SkyClan?
  7. Which leader founded the NEW SkyClan?
  8. Who went with the founder of the NEW SkyClan to find decendents of Ancient SkyClan?
  9. Who was the last living decendant of Ancient SkyClan?
  10. Who were the first kits in the NEW SkyClan?
  11. Who were Leafstar's kits?
  12. Who were the 4 visitors to the SkyClan camp?
  13. What was Leafstar's warrior name?
  14. One of who's kits fell into the river?
  15. Who died in the battle of the rats?
  16. Who willingly left SkyClan first?
  17. Who probably mated with Cherrytail?
  18. Who trained Echosong?
  19. Why did Skywatcher wait to let himself die?
  20. What was Skywatcher's brother's name?

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