How well do you know warriors?

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Are you a genius on Warrior cats if you are then please try this and find out how much you know about the series! and if you never read warriors do not play this quiz!

Well I have to write this so I will say that I love warriors and this quiz does not have any questions from Omen of the stars. So thx for actually reading this

Created by: Amy
  1. The warrior code says "The clan must be fed...."
  2. Which cat did leafpool fall in love with?
  3. Which tribe cat died in warriors outcast
  4. Who is the cat on the cover of Sunset
  5. Who is the Auther of the Warriors series?
  6. Which cats went on the quest to Sun Drown place
  7. Who kills Ashfur?
  8. What cat has an ancient ancestor named Jay's wing
  9. What happened to Ravenpaw after Firepaw found out that Tigerclaw was trying to kill him
  10. Why did Scourge kill Tigerstar

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Quiz topic: How well do I know warriors?