How Much of a Warrior Cats fan are You? (Into the Wild)

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There are many warriors fans, but few BIGGEST warriors fans! Are you one of them? To be a warriors fan you'll have to read the books! I'll Start off with a quiz on 'Into the Wild'

Are YOU a true warriors fan? Do you love warriors soo much you's stay up 'till 12:00 PM reading? Test out your skills on the first book 'Into the Wild' to find out!!

Created by: Goldenblaze
  1. Who's the Author?(if you dont know, take your best guess; however, you should know!)
  2. If you see a name with 'Paw' after it; you know that it's a(n);
  3. How does Greypaw find Rusty/Firepaw?
  4. What was the prophecy in the begining of Into the Wild?
  5. How did Bluestar and Lionblaze hide to whatch Greypaw.
  6. What was Firepaw's punishment for finding Yellowfang?
  7. How long did it take to read Warriors (Into the Wild)?
  8. How far are you now? (non-affected)
  9. Id you use any website to gat this information, be honest, this is not affected!
  10. Last question. Do you like Warriors?

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Warrior Cats fan am I? (Into the Wild)