How Well Do You Know Warriors Into The Wild?

This is a quiz based on how good you know your warriors cats books. Just to let you know, this is questions for Warriors Cats Series 1 Book 1: Into The Wild.

I hope you enjoy this quiz. Please let me know how well you did; I always enjoy good feedback. Let me know if there were any questions I missed that you would've enjoyed. Bye! ;)

Created by: Logan Lasecki

  1. Who attacks Rusty in the forest when Rusty looks for mice?
  2. Who is Graypaw's mentor?
  3. What is Rusty's apprentice name when he joins the Clan and what is his name in honor of?
  4. What two important cats die in the battle against ShadowClan?
  5. What rogue from ShadowClan does Firepaw attack and eventually end up feeling sad for and giving prey to?
  6. Who is Brokenstar's REAL mother?
  7. What cat is TRULY responsible for Redtail's death?
  8. Why did Ravenpaw leave ThunderClan to live with Barley?
  9. What are Firepaw's friends when he first joins ThunderClan?
  10. What are Firepaw and Graypaw's warrior names at the very end of "Into The Wild?"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Warriors Into The Wild?