warriors quiz 2110

Have you read warriors? If so come take our quiz to find out, "are you a warriors genius or is it time to start reading those excelent materpiece books again."

Now think, are you a warriors genius? After all there arent many people who have the brainpower to remember all of the amazing details included in this quiz. Thankgoodness i have such a genius brain, cause you're about to find out if you are a genius!

Created by: nancy

  1. who is mothwings apprentice?
  2. does mudfur die before or after the great journey?
  3. how many kit(s) does tigerstar have?
  4. who was the first cat to have the salt water sign?
  5. how many books are there in all of the warriors series?
  6. who are firestars kits?
  7. how does firestar loose his 2nd life?
  8. who becomes deputy after graystripe gets taken away?
  9. how many books are in the manga series?
  10. which clan got pushed out of the forest?

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