How well do you know SkyClan's Destiny?

Have you read Warriors: SkyClan's Destiny yet? Well it's a great book! If you've read it like me, Isabel, and my friend, Bruno here, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know all the SkyClan knowledge? Well answer a few questions of mine and climb your way up the ranks of this infamous clan! Are you the leader like mighty Leafstar? or just a kittypet.. take this quiz and see how much you know!

Created by: Isabel & Bruno

  1. What are the warriors that come only for the daytime called?
  2. what is Leafstar's first dream about?
  3. What was Leafstar's warrior name?
  4. what was the prophecy that made Echosng choose Leafstar for leader?
  5. Why was Percy different when they saw him at the end of the book?
  6. Who was the first cat in the book to join the clan without receiving a warrior name?
  7. Who killed red?
  8. What color is the twoleg house where Shrewtooth was trapped?
  9. What is Leafstar doing when they have to leave Snookpaws?
  10. What does Snookpaw shout as Leafstar and Billystorm are leaving his twoleg nest?
  11. What does Sharpclaw call Snookpaw when he's arguing with leafstar?
  12. What warrior has to assist Echosng?
  13. What's the last thing of the twoleg's that they find?
  14. Who cuddles up with the twoleg?
  15. What are Fallowfern's kits names?
  16. who were the first SkyCLan warriors?
  17. Who was SkyClan's medicine cat when they left the forest?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know SkyClan's Destiny?