Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Movie Quiz

The Pick of Destiny is a movie that came out in 2006 starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Many watched but can't answer questions about the movie.

Do YOU think you know it all about the movie? Can you answer this quiz with a 100%? Are you a POD freak????? Try it out and see, you may surprise yourself.

Created by: Steve of Myspace
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  1. Who plays Satan in the final battle?
  2. As said by his father, who will pull little JB's strings?
  3. At the end of "Kickapoo", the movie shows JB writing lyrics on the bus. How does he write the last line of the song? (Doesn't have to be perfect!)
  4. What is a Bob Marley Extra Crispy?
  5. What was KB's first line of the movie? NOT! counting the beginning cartoon when they fart haha.
  6. What time did JB's training start?
  7. Played at their first open-mic show, JB said what song was "good compared to bulls---" ?
  8. How many street men were standing around JB when he was sleeping on the bench?
  9. What did KG get from Lee?
  10. While in the Rock and Roll History Museum, the guards hear their break-in. So, in order to blend in, the D posed as which famous rockstars?
  11. When the cop pulled the D over, KB freaked out and hit the gas. What did the cop pull them over for?
  12. On which beach was KG first found?
  13. What happened to the stranger?
  14. When JB rolled out of the tree and hit the ground after eating the mushrooms, he looked up to see a sign how far it was to the R&R History Museum. How far was it?
  15. Which famous metal band had their own display in the RRHM that was behind the gaurd when he was on the radio talking about how high he was?
  16. What did the D use their final song for after the battle against Satan?
  17. What did the D do when they noticed they forgot the "greatest song in the world" ?
  18. LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! What was the tasty new jam?

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