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  • Deathbringer's Den
    "Imma follow you back tomorrow, when I'm ungrounded from the laptop. :P"
  • ""
  • Solar Eclipse
    "That's good! :D Sorry about my late posts. :3"
  • Solar Eclipse
    "Actually pretty tired. :3 Also been feeling a ton more depressed lately, but I'm fine. How about you? :D"
  • Sleepover
    "Well, now you shall be! uωu No, just kidding! Spoopy tales is really hard to scare someone. ;ω;"
  • Sleepover
    "Yesh! >:D Let's play Truth or Dare! :3"
  • It's raining
    "Go Jayfeather! >:D"
  • It's raining
    "Imma do the cat walk. LITTLE KITTY, C'MON, TIME FOR YOUR WALKK!"
  • It's raining
    "My imaginary frenemies shall join me. φωφ"
  • It's raining
    "Yesh. υωυ"
  • When it Rains, it Pours
    "I argue with myself a ton, if you didn't know. -ω- In other words, I have imaginary frenemies. ØωØ"
  • :(
  • Solar Eclipse
    "You choose! :3"
  • Solar Eclipse
    "Or Espel. -ω-"
  • Solar Eclipse
    "Everybody calls me Eclipse or Eclipsestar, so I should make a nickname only my friends can call me! :D How about Esp? Or Esper?"

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