LGBTQ Academy: Part One

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Your mother had recently sent you to LGBTQ Academy for you to find some friends who have some of the same similarities as you. You were excited, but also nervous.

This will be a test on your personality, your loyalty, and your bravery. There will be many challenges along the way, as well as some love complications and heart aches.

Created by: Eclipsestar228
  1. You folded your clothes into your bag, both nervous and excited to be going to an academy for the first time. "Y/N, it's time to go, now!" You heard the sound of your mother's sweet, silky voice calling you down.
  2. "Your driver's been waiting," Your mother informed you, now lightly pushing you out the door. "Have a nice time, dear!"
  3. At the academy...
  4. You stepped out of the shining taxi willingly, dazzling at the large building which said at the front; "LGBTQ Academy". You then spotted two groups of people, one pacing back and forth, the other sitting on some benches, speaking to eachother brightly. Which group do you choose to speak to?
  5. "Hey!" A voice suddenly shouted. Two males, the two who had been pacing, ran towards you out of breath. "Hey, you new here?" One boy with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes smiled. "Luke, seriously? Of course they're new here." Another boy said, this time with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes.
  6. You approached the girls sitting on the benches with your shoulders squared confidently, smiling cheerfully. "Hi!" You waved to them. "Hey! You new here? You're really attractive! Er, I mean... Nice!" A girl with long black hair, pale skin, and green eyes yipped excitedly. "Hello there, miss! How are you this fine afternoon? You seem exhausted. Care for a sip of water?" Another girl nodded to you politely. She had lovely curly blonde hair going down to her shoulders as well as bright brown eyes.
  7. Suddenly, a noisy bell erupted, singing its chorus, which caused all the students surrounding to jog into the building. "Uh-oh," Whoever you were with sighed sorrowfully. "It's time for class."
  8. "Good afternoon, class," You listened to a voice as you entered the doorway to the room. "We have a new student joining our academy today. Y/N, you may introduce yourself."
  9. "Thank you, Y/N. You may take your seat next to Grayson Willis, the dirty blonde haired boy near the back."
  10. Suddenly, there was a loud bang heard from outside the door, as well as some shrieks filled with agony. "The homophobes are here; everyone GET DOWN!"
  11. Cliff-hanger! Will you comment and rate?

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