Warrior Cat Roleplay: Part Two!

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This is paart two of my warrior cat love story series! I hope you enjoy it! Will you get the quiet Branchpaw, the fierce Shadepaw, or the charming Flamepaw? Find out yourself by taking this quiz!

You are Leafpaw, a calico apprentice with light green eyes, the color of a leaf! This series is about you, but on every part, the questions keep getting harder! Have fun!

Created by: Eclipsestar228
  1. Suddenly, a flash of orange darted out from a bush. Instinctively, you unsheathed your claws, tensing yourself. "Hey! It's just me!" A familiar voice yowled in defensiveness. "Firepaw!?" You realized. "What's wrong!?" You studied him closely, noticing some wounds on his shoulder. "Ahaha... Oh, that!" He nervously chuckled. "Er... I may or may not have been attacked by a giant vole while attempting to catch it," You then burst into laughter, your fur laying flat. "But anyways; Spicestar would like to see you."
  2. You leaped to your paws, your eyes shimmering. It was rare enough for the leader to call an apprentice! "Well, then, let's go!" Flamepaw nuzzled you. "Wait! What about Branchpaw...?" You pitifully looked back at him. Branchpaw nodded to you as a gesture for you to go. "I'll be fine," He softly called.
  3. Finally, you had reached the edge of camp. You tried your best to contain your excitement, trotting across the course clearing to the leader's den.
  4. You slowed your pace as you wandered through the entrance to the gorse tunnel. Your eyes flicked from side to side, your fur standing on end. For some reason, you could sense something...
  5. "Leafpaw!" You heard Spicestar rasp a greeting. "Come in,"
  6. "Yes, Spicestar?" You yipped excitedly, bouncing in, only halfway containing your excitement, now. "I wanted all of the apprentices and their mentors to be shown the territory. You'll go at sunrise, tomorrow. I've sent this message to all the apprentices and mentors," She smiled. Disappointed, you nodded to her as a reply, before you left her presence.
  7. The next morning, Chameleonleap, a warrior of the clan, gently whispered, "Wake up. Today your mentors'll be showin' you around." With that said, she had already left the den. Shifting onto your side in your slumber, you then realized she wasn't kidding. Ypu leaped to your paws before rushing out through the entrance to the gorse tunnel. You skidded to a stop, accidentally bumping into your mentor. "There you are! We've been waiting for you!" Your mentor growls gently. You choose to walk by:
  8. Breathing in the fresh morning dew, you walked side-by-side by whoever you chose to walk with. The group halted, unexpectedly. "Do you smell that? What is it?" Shadepaw's mentor grumbled.
  9. Whatever you answered was correct. "Great job, Leafpaw!" The mentor praised you. Feeling flattered, you ducked your head.
  10. "Right here is the Great Oak Tree", Branchpaw's mentor whispered, gently closing her eyes. "Feel the warm breeze hit your pelt. It's mighty lovely!"
  11. "And then--" Flamepaw's mentor was cut off by a loud roar that pierced the air. You flung yourself in midair, both startled and fearful. "What's that!?" Shadepaw leaped onto a log, pointing his muzzle in the direction of where the roar came from.
  12. Your mentor's eyes clouded with fear as Shadepaw continued to point the giant creature out, fearless and brave.
  13. Cliffhanger!

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