How Alike Are We?

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Hi, I'm Eclipse, also known as Espie. Nobody's the same, since we're all unique, but sometimes you get curious of who's alike to you and who's not. I, myself, was curious, and so I made this simple test to see how many similarities we have.

Are we alike? If we are, would we get along? So many questions not answered, but you can't answer the question unless you get to know the person. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to scrolling, silly!

Created by: Eclipsestar228
  1. First off, what's your favorite color?
  2. Are you an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?
  3. What's your element?
  4. What's your zodiac sign?
  5. What's your zodiac sign (continued)?
  6. Who's your favorite author?
  7. What's your favorite animal?
  8. Do you prefer drawing, writing, or reading?
  9. What's your sexuality?
  10. What's your gender?
  11. How many mental issues do you have?
  12. Do you have a special connection with animals?
  13. Will you comment and rate?

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