Are you an Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert?

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Have you ever wondered if you were an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert? The one who thinks before they speak, the ones who speak before they think, or just a balance of the two?

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Created by: Eclipsestar228
  1. What do you mostly do each day?
  2. Are you independent, dependent of other people, or both at times?
  3. From 1-10 (1 the least, 10 the highest), how much do you enjoy socializing?
  4. What is your hobby out of the following questions?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. Which side is your favorite color more on?
  7. Do you get bored when you're alone?
  8. Do you enjoy social gatherings?
  9. Do you get energy when you're around people?
  10. Do people describe you as 'friendly' and 'approachable'?
  11. Does your energy level fall after you've been in a social environment?
  12. Are you more reflective, or self-aware?
  13. Do you prefer to write rather than talk?
  14. Do you daydream a lot, or go to your little fantasy world to rest?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert?