Would I Date You...?

Would I date you, if I did date? Would you be the love of meh life? Would we be official? Take this quiz to find out! Also, thank you, if you do take this quiz!

I made this quiz out of boredom, since a lot of people do! If you get a high result, then that means we'd be great friends! This is a friendly quiz, if you're wondering! I hope you have a great time!!

Created by: Eclipsestar228
  1. Would you rather hug or kiss?
  2. Would you give me a lot of time alone...?
  3. Would you play along with my sarcastic jokes?
  4. Would you accept that on some days I'm lazy, and on some days I'm very adventurous?
  5. For a date, where would we go?
  6. Would you accept that I'm slow at processing what you said? Or that you need to repeat yourself a bunch?
  7. When I cry, how would you cheer me up?
  8. If I were hanging out with my guy friends, how would you react?
  9. If I wanted a break, what would you do?
  10. Answer honestly; Are you a player? (Meaning you cheat on people for fun.)
  11. If I was taking time off and I left a puppy at home, what would you do?
  12. Are you a bully?

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