Are They The One?

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Have you ever wondered if this specific person on your mind really is your soulmate? Waiting hours upon hours, just thinking and thinking and thinking nonstop?

Well, if you have been getting migranes from thinking about it too much, take this quiz. It'll be helpful for you and your journey, I hope. Now, get to scrolling!

Created by: Eclipsestar228

  1. Do you get a gut feeling they're your other half?
  2. Is this person your best friend?
  3. Do you feel a sense of calm when talking to them or when around them?
  4. Do you both feel extreme empathy for eachother? (If you feel extreme empathy for them but not sure if they feel the same way, click yes)
  5. Do you respect eachother?
  6. Do you balance eachother out?
  7. Do you both agree on the important things in life?
  8. Do you share the same life goals?
  9. Do you challenge eachother?
  10. Can you be yourself around them?
  11. Do you both fight for the relationship?
  12. Do you understand eachother's emotional languages?
  13. Do you feel eachother's pain?
  14. Are you there for eachother?
  15. Are you secure in the relationship?
  16. Do you constantly want to be around them?

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