Which guy should you pick

Have you ever liked two guys at the same time? Can't decide which one to pick? (me:YA!) Well, the title says it all. Find out which guy should be yours, person 1 or person 2.

So, who SHOULD you pick?! I bet you've been thinking about that for a while now. Thanks to this amazing quiz, you can find out in a few minutes. Remember, be honest, no one will judge you. Enjoy, have fun! :)

Created by: AliceinNarnia
  1. which guy stares/looks at you the most?
  2. which guy talks to you more?
  3. Whoever talks to you the most, does he blush when speaking to you?
  4. which guy is easier to talk to?
  5. why is he easier to talk to?
  6. which guy is cuter?
  7. which guy is hotter?
  8. you sitying on the cool sand while the sun sets on the beach. a guy is sitting right next to you. you hold his hand. he kisses it and whispers: "i love you" who was the guy you were day dreaming about?
  9. you're kissing person 1. how does that feel?
  10. kissing person 2?
  11. does person 1 like you?
  12. how about person 2?
  13. who do you hope to get? (won't affect results)

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