pick one! quiz

This quiz will ask random "pick one" questions. It doesn't matter what choice you pick and there is no good or bad result. It will just tell you if ou scored like I did or not. Please take this quiz!

So do you want to take this quiz? Well not much of a quiz because there is no right or wrong answer. But please! Take it anyway! I want to level up! I'm almost an experinced! :) :D

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. Pick a number!
  2. Pick a color!
  3. Pick an element!
  4. Pick a website!
  5. Pick an animal!
  6. Pick a gtq quiz
  7. Pick an emotion!
  8. Pick another color!
  9. Pick an anime!
  10. Pick a music genre!
  11. Pick a sport!
  12. Pick another sport!

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