Pick An Opposite Quiz!

So this quiz isn't much other than me sitting around on gotoquiz, and seeing a quiz (that inspired this one) that was all just about picking an answer!

So the point of this quiz is nothing other than to just pick one of the two opposites given. The final score is just how you and I answered in common... Have fun!

Created by: musicgirl
  1. Pick
  2. Pick
  3. Pick
  4. Pick
  5. Pick
  6. Pick
  7. Pick
  8. Pick
  9. Pick
  10. Pick
  11. Pick
  12. Pick
  13. Pick
  14. Pick
  15. Pick
  16. Pick
  17. Pick
  18. Pick
  19. Pick
  20. Pick
  21. Pick
  22. Pick
  23. Pick
  24. Pick
  25. Pick
  26. Pick
  27. Pick
  28. Pick
  29. Pick
  30. Pick

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