Sandheart's love story quiz for girls!

You are a newly-apprenticed cat, Sandpaw, and you notice your fellow apprentices, and they notice you too... This is basically a role-play, and has 3 possible outcomes. I won't tell you those.

What storyline do you like? You can pick your answers, and each one will effect your end result! Don't worry about your outcome. You can always retake the quiz, as long as you have fun!

Created by: Riverstorm02
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  1. You are a new apprentice, and everyone is shouting your name, Sandpaw! The other apprentices come over, and you know they are Gorsepaw and Flamepaw. They say hi in a would-be casual tone. What's your reaction?
  2. They walk you to your den, and Flamepaw shows you your nest. It is kinda close to the one he settles in...
  3. You wake up early, and feel a cat grooming you. You look up, and see Flamepaw. Gorsepaw is not in the den.
  4. You get out of the den, and go off to find your mentor, Streamwhiskers, and find out you are having a group training with the other apprentices!
  5. When you get to the training area, your mentor says that you will pair up with Flamepaw in hunting, and Gorsepaw will work on leaps.
  6. You go into a corpse of trees with Flamepaw, and you smell the sour stench of rouge a minute too late! The rouge pounces, and lands on your back!
  7. Flamepaw hears your yowl, and rushes to your defence! You know you cannot defeat a rouge, so you call for your clanmates in the training area!
  8. Gorsepaw bursts out of the bushes and slashes the rouge on the side, making it howl and spring off you! Seconds later, Streamwhiskers jumps on the rouges back and tears clumps of fur off its spine! The rouge squeals and flees!
  9. Gorsepaw runs over to you, making Flamepaw glare and fidget. "Are you all right?" Asks Gorsepaw. Flamepaw asks the same.
  10. You head back to camp, and both toms are bristling and glaring at each other. Flamepaws pelt brushes yours, and stays all the way back to camp.
  11. You head for the Medicine cat den, and fall unconscious for loss of blood. When you wake, Gorsepaw is pressed against you, squeezing water into your mouth and onto your feverish pelt.
  12. When your fever breaks, you pad out into the bright sunshine, and find Flamepaw beside the fresh-kill pile. He gestures you over, and gives you a lovely, plump vole. Your favorite!
  13. This is a real cliffhanger, I know, wait for the next quiz to come out, look for "Sandheart's love story quiz for girls part 2!" Be sure to rate my quiz! Hope you liked it!

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