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Hey welcome to my 8th quiz um this is another story based one but this is girls only so no guys in less ur gay lol but I hope you enjoy this quiz this one took me 3 hours

Yeah 3 hours so respect this don't think bad things about and have fun my profile name is nicole lynx so heck out my other games plz ok you should go to the story so lynx out😼👾🎮

Created by: Nicole lynx

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  1. Ok so um your name is Kathleen u have black hair freckles ur average girl hight u are age 16 and your a huge music lover
  2. Your racing home after school finished cause you just got the most epic the not awesome game yet dance revaluation 8 you start makin' your own short cuts to get to your house and finally get to your place your so tiers you decide to snooze and go to bed and play it tomorrow after school
  3. Your mom comes into your room at like four in the morning to tell you that last night it started snowing so school was canceled. You:wow m that's great for me but why tell me this at four in the morning? Mom: well the school just called me now about this so I'm sorry if I ruined ur beauty sleep.....well dream on Hun love u night or um morning I guess..... You: love u to mom....
  4. You then try to fall back asleep but then you herd a click at your window but then it went bump!! And then your window bursts open to find a
  5. Man or boy you couldn't tell or even see his face
  6. The mystery man grabs your arm his hands are cold he lifts you up into his arms and jumps out the window but in stead of falling he flies away u struggle for him to let you go but he is kinda strong and his cold hands make you feel week...you notice a little boy traveling be hind you and the mystery man he was on top of a dog taller than two of you houses combined
  7. Then you pas out all is blank dark cold and .......hard? You wake up on a solid ice floor with frozen solid ice chains on you wrists you feel dizzy and cold you wander where you are."ahh you've awaken!"a voice said echoing through the whole ice palace. The mystery man walks in reviling his face. ???: my name is the ice king and my dear princess you are going to be my queen
  8. You: hey dude I think you got this all wrong I'm no princess one. I'm 16 yeArs old 2. And I'm not even into a guy who lives bye him self in a castle full of pics of him with princesses
  9. BAMM!!!! BAMM!!!! BOOOOOOOMM!! The ice palace door flung open reviling a little boy the same one with dog but the dog was much smaller he cuts your chains lose and he then attacks the ice king you start to run out of there trying to find ur way home
  10. The boy yells to you," hey wait!! You keep heading to the door but the doors then shut by them selves with them controlled bye the ice kings power the dog says come on miss lets we gotta get out of here! You: y-you can ....t-talk....you then faint in fear and again you were tired
  11. Cliff hanger baby

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