Love Story Pt. 1

This is a make your own adventure quiz. This one will lead you to the next one you should take, and many more following. This was made for girls to use, sorry guys!

Every answer leads to a different quiz, so you reeally do make your own adventure. I am telling you this now, I don't think I am a very good writer, so some things might not make since to you. Have fun!(:

Created by: NiallsBiggestFan
  1. Let me describe the main character(you). You have brown hair, glasses, and brown eyes. You are 15 years old, and your height and weight are average for your age. Your name is Casey, and you are that shy, nerdy girl with only a small group of friends. How do you feel about your looks?
  2. You were sitting in the classroom studying, when your pencil breaks. You got up to sharpen it. As you walked down the isle to the front of the room, the quarterback of the football team sticks his foot out and trips you. Everyone in the classroom started busting out laughing and giggling. With all of the laughter going, you heard one very husky voice say "Guys, that's not cool!" You slowly stood up and heard the same voice say something. He was behind you so you turned areound to see who it was. Behind you was the reciever of the footballl team. He waved to you and said, "Excuse them. They're just being jerks. So, I've never seen you before, who are you?" he asked. How do you reply?
  3. "I'm Chase." he said. You looked him over very closely, for you've never talked to a football player before.His tan was perfect. His blond hair flowed flawlessly onto his face His big brown eyes were so calm and friendly. His smile was absolutely gorgeous! The teacher interrupted you from looking at him. "Casey, Could you please sit down? I know I said you guys could do whatever, but I said if you move once, you stay there. Either sit with Chase, or go back to your normal spot." she said. "You can sit with me." offered Chase. What do you say?
  4. "Alright!" said Chase. You sat down. "So tell me about yourself" he said. "She's a loser!" sais the guy that tripped you,"Don't waste your time." he continued. Chase rolled his eyes and you smiled at him. "What was I asking, I forgot." said Chase. How do you reply?
  5. "Oh yea, I was wanting you to tell me about yourself." he said. "Well there isn't much to tell." you replied. "What's your favorite song?" he asked. "A remix to a song. It's called White n' Nerdy. It pretty much describe me." you said. "Really? Okay, well what's your favorite movie?" he questioned. "Any sci-fi or Disney film. " you answered. "What's your-" The bell rang for next class, cutting off his question. The guy that tripped you got up, went to your original seat, and knocked all of your stuff down. You ran to your stuff and started gathering it all together. hase came up to you and said, "I would help you, but I really have to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" he ran off to his next class. Your best friend, Tyler came over and helped you pick up your stuff. After it was all picked up, you two started walking to your next class, which you had together. "What did he want?" asked Tyler. How do you reply?
  6. You walked into the classroom and set your stuff down. Tyler sat down in the desk behingd you. "Well we were studying and you just left without coming back. I thought you wouldn't come back." How do you reply?
  7. Tyler sighed as the bell for class to begin rang. The teacher spread through the lesson, and you rapidly took notes in your notebook. Tyler handed you a peice of paper with a note on it.You ignored it for now and continued taking notes. When the teacher finished, she passed out work. "You can work with a partner." She announced. You turned and faced Tyler. "Want to be partners?" you asked. Tyler pursed his lips together then spoke, "I promised Devon that I'd work with him next time we get partners, that's what my note said. Do you remember our deal?" You sigjed as you remembered. "Who should I work with, then?" you asked him. "Devon's usual partner, Jake. Here he comes now." Tyler said, pointing to a boy walking towards you. He was tall and skinny. His face was clear of acne. He had dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled at you with a bright smile that made you melt. He was a very handsome person. "Hi." he said as he finally reached your desk. What do you say?
  8. "So we are working together, huh? I'm Jake. What's your name?" Sorry that was so short, but how would you reply?
  9. Jake sat at the desk beside you and looked at the paper. You could tell from the face he was making that he didnt understand it. "Do you get it?" you asked. "Yeah." he replied. "Okay well what did you get for number one?" you asked. "Three" he said, with no emotion whatsoever. "Jake, this is simple math. One plus tgree to the third power is twenty two, not three." you said. "Of course." he said. "What did you get for number two? " you asked. "What did you get?" he asked, turning the tables on you. "Fourty five." you answered. "Me too." he said, obviously lying. "What's your grade in this class?" you asked him. "D" he replied. "You?" he asked. What do you say? (you have an A)
  10. "She has an A." yelled Tyler from across the room. Gosh, was it just you or did Tyler have super hearing powers? "You're really smart." said Jake. What do you say?
  11. So this bit of the story is over, whatever your result is is the guy you get. It will also tell you the name of the followup quiz for your guy. There will be many more sequels so you get to live a long story. Okay?

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