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  • "Okay so this is my last post on gtq. I wanted to make it happy and cheerful so I came to this thread in particular. I am like in love with N..."
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "*hugs Gracie* email me if you want. It's spg 199802 @aol .com"
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "Mo was talking to me. Because to her Im just a crybaby but in reality I'm tired of crappy idiots who make this place so horrible *Mo being o..."
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "The last post was for stiched heart. Emma, I'll think about it. Dark, its not your fault it's the idiots that make gtq a livi"
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "Its not your fault, you at least bother to talk to me. Imma miss you too though I hardly knew you."
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "**I really DONT matter"
  • I'm leaving gtq
    "This isnt a threat, it's a statement! I'm sorry Gracie, Emma, Cori and any other friend I missed. I'm tired of the crap that I get for being..."
  • Am I invisible
    "My point exactly. I'm not cryong about it. I'm just sick of making threads and them being ignored. Or trying to talk to someone and everyone..."
  • Am I invisible
    "Nah. If theu dont wanna listen they dont have to. I just want to know why..."
  • Am I invisible
    "Yes really."
  • Am I invisible
    "... Well?... Because I'm never answerwd"
  • "Which is why I have no problem with the gtq drama sometimes... Js You forget when someone yells at you over the computer but you wont forget..."
  • "So when all/most of your friends side with Tori, you're just gonna complain that you have no/very little friends..."
  • "Dark, why continue the fight if you don't want people on your side?"
  • "I don't really talk to either of you but I'm on Tori's side"

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