How well do you know Twilight (uber hard test)

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TEST! See if you know Twilight as much as you think you do! +.+ Then tell the candy corn king your result!(: Yes, he does exist!!

They say I cant write gibberish in the paragraph... Well look I wrote it what now?? Ugh I hate these paragraph things. They are much to long thought I like to talk.

Created by: NiallsBiggestFan

  1. Before you start, I must say, if you get 100% right, that means you know every detail of Twilight! Now onto question: What is the population of Forks Washington?
  2. Who is the first student to welcome Bella?
  3. Which Cullen is playing pitcher when the game ended?
  4. What is the name of the ballet studio in Phoenix?
  5. Who are the lion and the lamb?
  6. What does Rosalie drive?
  7. Who makes a cameo at the diners counter?
  8. How old is Laurent?
  9. What is the batting order in the baseball game?
  10. What peice of music does Edward have on his bedroom stereo?
  11. Edward, Emmett and Jasper all wear what peices of identical jewelry?
  12. What is Forks high school's mascot?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight (uber hard test)