How much do you know about Twilight???

Many people claim to know everything about Twilight. If thats you then test your knowledge with this worthy quiz to see if you really are a fanatical Twi-hard.

Some of these questions are really simple. Some will require your excellent knowledge and brain power to get you through. If you know it all, then this test will prove it.

Created by: jdy

  1. Who played Emmett Cullen??
  2. What did Edward die of???
  3. What colour was the dress Bella worn to prom??
  4. Why does Bella punch Jacob???
  5. Who changed Jasper?
  6. What colour is Rosalie's convertable??
  7. Where did the author, Stephenie Meyer, grow up?
  8. Who's music was included on the official twilight soundtrack
  9. What other film has Robert Pattinson been in?
  10. What is the cover story the Cullen's give to Bella's mum in the first film?
  11. How old was Kristen Stewart when they started filming Twilight?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Twilight???