Are U a Twi-Hard?

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Are you a true Twilight fan? Well find out in this quiz. Everyone loves Twilight but are you an Twilight expert? Did you read all the Twilight books and watched all the Twilight movies?

Personally, i'm not a twi-hard. I don't even like Twilight. Whenever i want to poke fun at somebody, i'd say EAT IT, TWILIGHT! okay i've got to keep my Poker Face on. Stay Classy. Bye

Created by: AquaWinter

  1. In which year was Edward Cullen born?
  2. Who is Not a member of the Cullen family?
  3. What is Bella's middle name?
  4. Who was not in the running to play the role of Edward Cullen?
  5. What was the original title of Twilight?
  6. When is Bella's birthday?
  7. Before his Twilight career, which actor used to get so nervous on set that he would throw up?
  8. In new moon, why Bella was bleeding?
  9. Which classic book did not influence Twilight?
  10. On which eclipse character did Stephanie Meyer wrote an additional book?

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