name the song 2010-2011

My quiz is easy but hard you must be a music lover or something. I would be amazed if you passed my quiz because I love music soon much and I go hard on people

Are you the one to pass my quiz im just going to get this over whither bevuse its 8:47and I started this at 6:37 si an hour was spent on this so it is hard

Created by: kesharocks
  1. What's the song: I could realty use a wish right now wish right no--w
  2. Name the Singer: she's looks spunky she wears crazy stuff like animal fur and has an $ when you spell her name and it starts whith a k
  3. Name the song: ima tell you one time girl I love girl I love you im be your #1 Guy you be my #1 girl
  4. Name the singer; he's hot he has a big hit nevere say never and has a movie he or she's haha is 17
  5. Name the song: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again
  6. Name the song: I hope my boyfriend don't mind it don't mean im in love tonight
  7. This is an out of the quiz question but do you own a dog are they. Fun
  8. Ok im gonna. Let it out im board. Like im having no fun
  9. I hate Justin or other know as jb. Do you
  10. Im know having fun pizza is here

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