How well do u kno the twilight books?

Some people have never heard of the book series called Twilight...They sicken me! Who hasnt heard of those books?!?!? They are AMAZING! I practically know them by heart. And now its ur turn to test ur knowlege!!

Are you a Twilight expert? Do you know everything there is to know about Bella,Edward,Jacob and all of the charachters? Do you know vampires from wereeolves? Lets find out...

Created by: Chelsea

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  1. How old is bella wen she moves 2 forks, washington?
  2. Wat is the name of the guy who supposedly adopted edward and his brothers and sisters?
  3. Wat happens to edward in the sun?
  4. Wat was the name of the vampire that hunts bella in the first book?
  5. Who are the volturi?
  6. Does bella love jacob more then a friend in the second book?
  7. Why does edward think bella dies in the second book. And who told him?
  8. Who is the leader of Jacobs pack?
  9. Wat is Alice's special power?
  10. Who hunts Bella in the 3rd book?
  11. Wen is the fourth book coming out?
  12. Wat is the name of the fourth book?
  13. Who will be playing bella in the upcoming movie "Twilight" which will be coming out soon?
  14. Who will be playing Edward in the upcoming movie "Twilight" which will be coming soon?
  15. When is the movie "Twilight" coming out?

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