Do you try to hard to get the guy?

Well maybe you would like to go on your instinct, but if that does not work, you might need some tips, that is where i come in. Take this quiz to see if you trying to hard or no hard enough.

Well now is time to take that test. Dont spend half of your life spending the time to stalk, be normal and take the time, start here for a free tip on that pda

Created by: B_squared

  1. Do you linger on his face during, school, work, ect.
  2. Do you laugh loud when your with that someone
  3. Do you throw paper airplanes at that someone
  4. Do you stalk him after school.
  5. Do you feel the need to feel his hair
  6. Why do you like him
  7. Do you end up holding his/her bag
  8. Do you miss that person wh out sicken they are
  9. Do you end up reading the same book as him in the library
  10. Do you always text on another

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Quiz topic: Do I try to hard to get the guy?