Hard Twilight Quiz

SOOOOOOOOOOOO many people claim they LOVE twilight but do they really? Do you really? take this Hard twilight quiz based on all 5 books (the 5th book being the very short life of Bree Tanner)

Are YOU a true twihard you can prove it by taking this quiz do you qualify for the title of a TWIHARD or are you stuck knowing nothing about twilight ?

Created by: Georgie

  1. What is the name of chapter 13
  2. Wich of these is not a member of the Volturi
  3. In wich chapter does edward actually say " I love you" to Bella for the first time ?
  4. What are Jacob's sisters called
  5. How did Jacob's mother die ?
  6. Wich of these vampires does not stay and witness for the Cullens in Breaking Dawn
  7. Who tells the Volturi about Renesmee
  8. Wich young Vampire does not go to forks and fight the Cullens
  9. What human food does Edward eat in twilight to show Bella what he would do if someone dared him to eat food ?
  10. What does Bella tell Edward her favorite gemstone is

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