How well do you know Twilight?

This quiz is about possibly the BEST movie in the world Twilight,so if your the genius,and can pass this quiz i will be very happy,it has extremely easy,and extremely hard questions on here,DO GOOD!

This quiz is about Twilight,WOOHOO,lol,but you have to answer question from what happed in the beggining to end,there will be hard Questions on this,But if you think you know everything,take it and see.

Created by: Shyanne
  1. Which state does Bella come from?
  2. How does Bella feel about moving to Forks?
  3. Why does Edward watch Bella sleep every night?
  4. What does Rosalee think of Bella?
  5. When does Bella first come to Forks high?
  6. Who just joined the Cullen family?
  7. Has Edward ben following Bella around without her knowing?
  8. Does James come after Bella?
  9. Does Bella go to her old ballet studio thinking her mom was there?
  10. Who rips James head off in the ending?
  11. What color dress does Bella wear to prom?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight?