the ultimate twilight quiz (1st book only)

Do u think you know twilight with your eyes closed? well we will see about that. Take the ULTIMATE twilight quiz!!! answer these 12 question and see what you rate on my twilight fan scale. are you the ULTIMATE twilight fan????

So you have seen the movie. so you have read the book. well, now its time to the the quiz!!! thats right, the ULTIMATE twilight quiz. test your twilight knoweledge by answering just 12 questions and see where you rank. see how much of a twilight fan you really are!!!

Created by: cassie
  1. when edward asks bella what her favourite gemstone is she blurts out topaz and is immediatley embarrassed. why is it her favourite?
  2. where,when, and how old was edward when carlisle changed edward into a vampire
  3. how far is the hike that edward takes bella on to the meadow?
  4. what is the name of the 7th chapter of twilight?
  5. what colour dress did angela buy when bella, jess and angela went shopping
  6. what are the names of the 3 vampires that came during the ball game?
  7. at the start of the book when bellas mum is driving her to the airport, what temperature is it in phoenix?
  8. what is the name of the owner of the van that almost hit bella?
  9. what is the name of bellas mums boyfriend?
  10. where was edward sitting when he said to bella that her hair looked like a haystack?
  11. what was edward wearing when bella noticed his clothes for the 1st time?
  12. (finish the sentence) "About 3 things i was absolutely positive. first, Edward was a vampire second, there was a part of him that thirsted for my blood and third, i was unconditionally....

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