Twilight the book

Twilight is the best book ever written and turned to a major motion picture. Are you a true Edward lover? Bella? Jasper? Alice? Prove you read the book and love it and live it by answering the outline questions on Edward and Bella's love.

Twilight can never be matched, no matter how hard anyone will try. You know it and I know it. If you agree take this quiz and see how well you know the outline of the love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Created by: Olivia
  1. How old is Bella when she first moves to Forks?
  2. When does Bella first see Edward?
  3. Why does Edward react wierd when he is near Bella for the first time?
  4. Where does Edward go for a while after first meeting Bella?
  5. Who almost runs over Bella after sliding on the ice?
  6. How does Bella find out what Edward is?
  7. What did Bella think when she figured out Edward is a vampire?
  8. After Bella finds out that Edward is a vampire, what does she want?
  9. What does Edward eat instead of Human blood?
  10. How old is Edward forever, what year was he born human?

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