how well do you know twilight book 1-3

there are a lot of geuines in the world but only know some things about twilight if you take a quiz and get a 100 you did awsome and you are a true geuines and i hope you liked the book more than i did

Are you really a geuines do u have hat it takes to be the TWILIGHT KING AND QUEEN? some people do and some people dont YOU will have to try it and see if you are a true twilight geunies

Created by: isadora

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  1. Where did bella come from?
  2. how old is edward now?
  3. when was the first time bella seen edward?
  4. how many brothers and sissters does edward have?
  5. who told bella edward was a vampire?
  6. what does phil do for a living?
  7. Which one is not a twilight book?
  8. who is jacobs dad?
  9. when the cullens go hunting what do they say they did?
  10. when bella goes to edward house what is she afraid of?
  11. when do vampires play baseball?
  12. what is jacob?
  13. in the second book what does bella think jacob is in?
  14. what does bella get in the second book?
  15. who thinks bella is dead in the second book?
  16. when was jasper in the army?
  17. how does victoria die?
  18. who is bella going to be stronger than?
  19. who stays with bella during the fight?
  20. what did bella say to edward about marrying him?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know twilight book 1-3