Do you REALLY love Twilight?

Twilight is an amazing book in which that I have devoted my life to being obsessed with ;-) ! It's an amazing book and some people say they love it by wearing the shirts or going to conventions, but that really bothers me because buying merchandise doesnt prove you love twilight, knowing the book does!

SO are you one of those people who CLAIM to love Twilight by wearing the mechandise and going to coventions? Or are you one of those people who REALLY love twilight and care more abou the book than material things? Or maybe you just like it!

Created by: Samantha
  1. What is Edward's Middle Name?
  2. What is the color of Edward's hair?
  3. What happens to vampires in the sun?
  4. Who plays Edward in the movie?
  5. What is the final book in the series?
  6. What's the name of the book that comes out in Edwards point of view?
  7. What's the name of the car Edward drives?
  8. Which is Bella's car?
  9. "Your exactly my brand of..."
  10. Forks is located in...
  11. What happens in the beginning of New Moon?
  12. When is the first day Stephanie Meyer started writing Twilight?
  13. Edwrad is always...
  14. Where does Bella come from?
  15. Edwards body is compared to...
  16. Bella and Edward compare themselves as...
  17. What does Edward worry he isn't?
  18. What does Bella compare Edward's eyes with?
  19. What is Bella's stepdad's name?
  20. Where Is Jacob Black From?
  21. According to Edward, what does Bella smell like?
  22. What does the apple on the cover of Twilight represent?
  23. According to Stephanie Meyer, what is Twilight About?
  24. According to Stephanie Meyer, what is New Moon About?
  25. According to Stephanie Meyer, what is Eclipse about?
  26. What age do you have to have to be to be imprinted?
  27. When will the cover art for Breaking Dawn be released?
  28. "Do I dazzle you?"
  29. What is Edwards special talent?
  30. What is Jasper's special talent?
  31. WHat year was Edward born?
  32. What is the cullen's favorite sport?
  33. When can the cullen's play their favorite sport?
  34. How old is Bella?
  35. What is Bella's middle name?
  36. When does the twilight movie come out?
  37. What can Edward do in this movie that he can't in the book?
  38. Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Esme in the movie, also made an important appearance on the hit show:
  39. Who am I going to marry?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY love Twilight?