How Well Do You Know Eclipse?

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Twilight is a very hard movie/book to follow. You have to pay close attention to get the entire movie/book. So you think you are a twilight freak!? This quiz is very hard.

If you know for sure that you are a big fan of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, then you should have no problem with this quiz. Easy peasy!Guess we are gonna have to find out. Take the quiz and Good Luck to ya!

Created by: Renee

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  1. How Does Riley Get Turned Into A Vampire?
  2. Who Seeks Revenge On Bella?
  3. Who Trains The Cullen's & Wolf Pack For The Battle Against The Newbies?
  4. How Does Bella Keep Warm In The Mountains?
  5. What Design Bedding Does Jacob Have On His Bed?
  6. Who Tells Bella About Imprinting?
  7. How Does Jacob React About Bella & Edward's Engagement?
  8. Who Does The Volturi Kill At The End Of The Battle?
  9. Out Of All The Wolves Who Got Severely Injured In The Battle?
  10. How Does Bella Break Her Hand?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Eclipse?