Which Twilight Team Are You?!

Okay peoples! Since so many people seem to like Twilight and I just watched parodies and last night I stayed up till 2:00 AM watching Twilight New Moon and Eclipse I made a quiz on it!

Do you run with the wolves? Or are the Vampires more to your liking?Maybe you can't decide between them or you just.... hate them. WELL YOUR QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!

Created by: Moonlite Dancer
  1. What do you prefer? Hot or Cold?
  2. Bats or Wolves?
  3. Colors?
  4. What type of Movies? o.O
  5. Whatchya thinking?
  6. Genre of music?
  7. Lyrics?
  8. A pack or a coven?
  9. Apple or Steak?
  10. Which Country?

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Team am I?!