Are you team twilight or team house of night?

this quiz is supposed to tell u whether u r team twilight or team house of night. it's my first quiz, and i'm 12, so please dont judge me 2 harshly if u dont like it.

take this quiz 2 determine ur team. the questions r fun, but i wouldnt reccomend taking this quiz unless you've read both series. wat would be the fun in that? i mean, SERIOUSLY!!! dont b stupid!

Created by: Mrs. James Stark
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  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. would you be ok with not sleeping or do you need your beauty sleep?
  3. could you deal with an all blood diet, or would you crave a bag of potato chips?
  4. would you rather glitter in the sun or have sunlight hurt your eyes?
  5. would you rather be simply hot, or have tattoos add to your hotness?
  6. which type of imprint do you like better?
  7. is eric night a jerk?
  8. if u had a choice, would u like to meet stark or jacob?
  9. who is sweeter? Heath or alice
  10. would u rather go to the house of night or a normal school if you were a vamp?
  11. did u like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I team twilight or team house of night?