Team Edward or Team Jacob??

Ok so pretty much everyone on planet EARTH knows what twilight is. And even if you ohave no idea what it is about you have probly seen things like shirts and posters that say team edward or team jacob. Well have you every woondered what team you would be? well this quiz can defenatly answer that!

You may think you know what team you are on but if you take this quiz you will know for sure. You could even be undecided! Who Knows!! Well I hope you have fun!!!

Created by: Ashley Volleyball

  1. Would you rather be with someone who can keep you warm when your cold or someone who can keep you cool when you are hot?
  2. What is you idea of the perfect date?
  3. Would you rather....
  4. Do you like guys who sparkle?
  5. On halloween were you a.....
  6. Do you like indoors or outdoors better?
  7. Do you like...
  8. Do you like to sleep all the time or never?
  9. Do you like pale or tan skin?
  10. Would you want someone older than you or younger.
  11. Do you think your answer will be team jacob or team edward.

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