Which of Team L are you?

In Death Note, Team L is comprised of those who fight on the side against Kira. For the simplicity of this quiz, Team L here refers to Near, Mello, Matt, L, and Beyond Birthday.

No easy questions here! No "what's your favorite food?" or "what's your favorite color?" This quiz is aimed at your personality, NOT your hobbies or quirks!

Created by: Noxia
  1. You just got your quiz back...but as it turns out, your friend got a higher score than you, and everyone is talking about it. How do you respond?
  2. You're almost about to win...when suddenly somebody gets the last point! How do you react?
  3. Would you rather be goofy all the time, or serious all the time?
  4. Do you keep any secrets?
  5. You have a small key you need to hide. What's the best hiding spot?
  6. Have you ever been described as weird, strange, or eccentric?
  7. Would you be willing to break a few rules if it were for the greater good?
  8. Do you often find yourself correcting what you say in more understandable ways, or end your explanations with a variation of "I hope that makes sense"?
  9. What is happiness?
  10. Have you ever been told you seem threatening or unapproachable?
  11. You're eating when you drop a potato chip on the ground. What is the first thing you say?
  12. During a school project, you're forced to work in a group. What role do you take on?
  13. You get the choice of one of these super powers. Which one do you want?
  14. How do people usually approach your jokes?
  15. Do your friends often guess correctly what you're about to say?
  16. Do you think it's fun to cause mischief?
  17. Somebody disagrees with you on a subject you feel very strongly about...how do you respond?
  18. You're venturing through a cave with a friend when suddenly it splits open into three tunnels! Your gut feeling is telling you to go down the middle tunnel...what do you do?
  19. Can you take a joke made at your expense?
  20. Is it okay to lie?
  21. You hear a scream outside your door! What do you do?
  22. Are you a risk-taker, or do you keep it safe?
  23. You procrastinated...and now your homework is due tomorrow morning! What do you do?
  24. Do you want to be famous?
  25. Do you let people see your true emotions?

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Quiz topic: Which of Team L am I?