Which Victorian Based AFL Team Should You Support?

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Ever wondered which footy team you should really barrack for? Are you a footy fan full of passion, or one of the true believers? Do this quiz to find out!

With 20 questions that dissect your footy opinions, this quiz will determine the Victorian based team that most reflects you! From Richmond to St Kilda, Hawthorn to Melbourne, there’s a team for everyone!

Created by: Luke
  1. Do you have teeth?
  2. Is your team's supporter base unbearable?
  3. What part of the ladder did your team finish in 2023?
  4. If your team won the flag, how would you celebrate?
  5. Has your team had a president in the last 25 years that the AFL hates?
  6. What does your team need to go to the next level in the next few years?
  7. Is your name Michael?
  8. What would be your response to losing a match with a goal after the siren?
  9. Which song best represents the current fortunes of your team?
  10. In your opinion, which is the worst scenario to go through?
  11. What is your most common emotion when watching your team play?
  12. If your team finished in the bottom 4 a couple of years in a row, would you stick by them?
  13. Who is your favourite umpire?
  14. Which legend would you most like to see suit up for your team?
  15. How did you feel when Gillon McLachlan finally left the AFL?
  16. If your team lost a big match, how long would it take for you to get over it?
  17. What is your preferred lifestyle?
  18. In terms of the footy teams based there, what is your least favourite Australian state?
  19. What’s your favourite pastime?
  20. If you had to, which one of the big 4 Victorian teams would you barrack for (not including your own)?

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