Which NBA Team Do You Belong to?

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Are you wondering which NBA team do you belong to? Find it out if you take this quiz! You will know with which NBA superstars you will play together! And which team is the best to you.

Do you like basketball? Do you like NBA and watch it? Will this quiz gonna tell you that you belong to your favourite team? Take the quiz! You will take 12 questions to find that out!

Created by: Teodor Nikolov
  1. If you have a choice, with which NBA superstar do you want to be in a team?
  2. Choose a colour:
  3. You are in the all star game, you are losing by 2. 10 seconds left of the game. All of your teammates are readdy to pop a three. Who do you trust the most?
  4. Imagine, that you win the MVP, who will you thank the most.
  5. If you're a conference champion, what would your first reaction be?
  6. If you aren't american and play in the NBA. What would your nation be?
  7. What team do you want to play?
  8. Who was the 2013/14 regular season MVP?
  9. From 1 to 10 scale, how good basketball player are you?
  10. Do you like this basketball?

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Quiz topic: Which NBA Team do I Belong to?