What Football Team Are You

There are many so many teams out their for Football. Which on do you belong on? This mini quiz will give you a idea of what team is right for you.I hope you like it.

Whatever team you like this quiz isn't 100% true so don't take it serious. But to be honest. The Broncos should've won the SuperBowl though like no joke.

Created by: Serenity
  1. What is your favorite Color
  2. Do you like the superbowl
  3. What team is the WORST
  4. What colors go best together
  5. Have you ever played football?
  6. If you were on the team or at the game,what stereotype would you be?
  7. Do you like Payton Manning
  8. Do you like The Tennessee Titans
  9. At football practice,what do you do
  10. What Scares you most
  11. Last Question

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Quiz topic: What Football Team am I