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One question about every AFL team in the competition (not in alphabetical order.) This quiz was made in 2019 so if any teams are not here thats why. :D

This quiz also includes the teams from the past that no longer play in the 18 team competition such as Brisbane Bears, Fitzroy Lions and Melbourne University.

Created by: Cody
  1. Which West Coast Eagles player won the 1999 coleman medal?
  2. Fremantles 2009 best and fairsest player was?
  3. Adelaide is the only team to win two premierships in a row during the 1990's?
  4. Port adelaide holds the AFL's biggest grand final loss by 119. What year was this?
  5. Sydneys premiership in 2005 was the teams first premiership in ___ years?
  6. GWS played their first AFL game against which team?
  7. Brisbane lions are the only interstate team to win 3 premierships in a row?
  8. Who was Gold Coast Suns first coach?
  9. Norm Smith left Melbourne from coaching for South Melbourne in what year?
  10. Which North Melbourne player is known as "Roo Boy"?
  11. St.kilda have only won one premiership. What was the margin of that game?
  12. Geelong Cats used to have a different name. what was that name?
  13. The bulldogs won their first premiership against which team?
  14. Carlton won their first wooden spoon in which year?
  15. Collingwood is the only team to have played in all three drawn grand finals?
  16. In which year was Essendon kicked out of the top 8 for drug use?
  17. What year did Hawhtorn officially get more premierships then Melbourne?
  18. Which team did Richmond beat in the 1980 grand final
  19. Brisbane bears is the only team in history to never win a grand final?
  20. Fitzroy lions left the AFL in which year
  21. University is a team that only played for _______ seasons.

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