Which Team Fortress 2 Class is right for You?

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I made a quiz called "Which Roblox Stereotype is You?" and making these quizzes are really fun. So, I decided to make some more. This is my second one about Team Fortress 2.

Even being out for more than a decade, Team Fortress 2 is still going strong. The game is class-based, so when starting out can be hard. This quiz will try to help that out. Will ask some gameplay questions and personality questions.

Created by: KennethWasTaken
  1. How do you describe your skill of TF2?
  2. On other first-person shooters, how do you usually play?
  3. When fighting with another opponent, how do you handle them?
  4. How would you respond when someone needs you to take down a sentry turret.
  5. When it comes to groups of teammates, how would handle it?
  6. The game mode is stealing briefcases, how will you help your team?
  7. Your team is responsible for defending the cart to get into the bomb site. How will you help out?
  8. What type of character are you?
  9. When it comes to team-based games, how will you help out in general?
  10. How are you at first-person shooters in general?

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