Are you in my Zombie Apocalypse team?

There are gonna be a lot of survivor out there. Some are stupid and useless. Some are useful, smart and effective. They're grouping to help each other. Making a team.

Will you be in my team? will contains questions. Each questions give points if you can join my team. Please answer honestly or you won't get the correct percentage!

Created by: Matmail
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you drive a vehicle? If no, then choose the last option. If yes, then choose what suits you the best!
  2. Do you like walking a lot? How often you have walked?
  3. Can you run 30m in 5 seconds?
  4. Do you have airsick, seasick or afraid of heights?
  5. Which branch of my team do you prefer to be?
  6. Which weapon will you choose for your primary weapon?
  7. Which weapon will be your secondary?
  8. Which one is the motto you will like?
  9. Do you like eating green vegetables and raw vegetables?
  10. Do you like meats and seafoods?
  11. Do you can socialize and be kind to each other without any hesitation?
  12. Are you resistant to heat or cold?
  13. If you are a commander in a team. You with your friends are trapped in a mall. There is no light. What will you do?
  14. You and your friends are in a helicopter, but suddenly you fall down to the jungle. You have no compass or flashlight and slowly it gets dark. What will you do as a commander?
  15. Do you easily goes panic or bad-tempered?
  16. What movement signal do you prefer to do?
  17. Can you walk sneakly? Can you become a spy?
  18. If I say to you : "Duck!". Will you go duck in no second?
  19. If you're in a house trapped in a room with only some knifes. What will you do?
  20. The quiz is finished. I will add new question soon to add the percentage every time I need to. If you want, please return here as often as possible. Agree?

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Quiz topic: Am I in my Zombie Apocalypse team?