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This quiz is the twilight saga twisted up and its your romance, love story. You will be apart of the classic love story! As you go through the different chapters you will choose which guy you want. In the end there will be a Jacob & Edward ending to it so get ready to get pumped!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or simply Team Alice. The question that drives us all mad.=] Well you get to pick in this Quiz/Love story. You will be hooked to this DIFFERENT twist to the popular Saga Twilight. Enjoy =]

Created by: Samantha Nieves
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  1. Your Bella Swan, your new to the high school in Forks. As you park your car in the school parking lot you notice a silver volvo & a red jeep out of the corner of you eye driving in and parking to you right. You turn to look and you see a tall, muscular, pale male jump from the back of the jeep. Then 3 other beautiful people exit the jeep. But what really cought you eye was the male that came from the volvo. He was fairly tall and was stunningly beautiful. His gaze met yours you...
  2. He turns away and begins to walk up the stairs into the school. The others do same but you notice the shorter girl with the short black hair strike a gaze towrd you & then begins to walk up the stairs also. As you walk the hallway to your first class, Biology. You walk in and see The beautiful male again sitting with an expression on his face that looks like he is in pain.
  3. You sit down next to him and you feel his eyes burning into the side of your face. You decide to have a quick glance but when you do, he is still staring at you. Your heart beats faster, you decide to...
  4. You look down and feel the blood go to your face. Next thing you know the bell rings and you look next to you and he is gone. The rest of the school day blows past as you think in your head about the 5 mysterious people you saw at school. When the bell rang for school to end, you walk to your truck. When at the parking lot, you notice that the 5 people are not to be found and there cars are gone. You drive home. When you reach home you notice a motorcycle in your driveway. ( you live alone) Its Jacob, he is leaning aginst his bike with his short cropped hair. His gray tank top hugged his well toned chest & he was wearing jean shorts and black nikes. You get out of your truck and you..
  5. When you get out of your truck he smiles a warm cute smile and you run giving him a tight hug. "What's up jake?" you ask as he realses you from his grasp but keeping his hand on the side of your waist.
  6. All of a sudden his the smile on his face fades away and he answers " Bella, we have to talk, its important." You wonder what it is he needs to tell you. You both walk inside and sit on the couch. Jacob sits close to you...
  7. "Bella" he says. " I'm going to be gone for awhile. "why?" you ask curiously" I can't explain now but I'll find a way how to soon, just trust me" you hesitate but say "ok" then out of no where his body goes stiff and he says" I- I have to go. I'll see you later bella." He leaves through the back door. All of a sudden your doorbell rings. You got to open it and its the mysterious guy from school. Edward.
  8. That's is for this one, part 2 will be up very soon. In the mean time here are some questions you can answer.
  9. What's your favorite book out of the twilight saga?
  10. Which team?

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