Twilight Forever

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Questions from The Twilight Saga. You can get most of the answers from reading the books and/or the movie. You can never know too much about Twilight. Remember November 20, 2009 New Moon!

how well do you know The Twilight Saga? Take this quiz and find out and don't forget about New Moon on November 20, 2009!!! (like anyone could forget?)

Created by: jasmine

  1. What does Bella say is irrational?
  2. Who breaks the treaty between the wolves and the vampires?
  3. Edward, so worried about Bella, suggests if she really wants kids, she can have what with Jacob?
  4. Who first says that they will make Bella a vampire?
  5. In the New Moon trailer, what is a noticeable change from an earlier trailer?
  6. What has run away from Renee?
  7. In what book was Victoria gonna die originally?
  8. Instead of being killed by Edward, how was Victoria originally going to die?
  9. The volturi, being surprised by Bella's abilities are unsure about the physical access of her shield until?
  10. What does Edward finally get to do that above everything he really wanted to do?

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